Tattoos are priced hourly, and/or by the piece. All our artists price their own work, and range from $100-150 an hour. We have a $75 shop minimum. Pricing tattoos online or over the phone is extremely difficult, which is why we prefer an in-person consultation to discuss the design in detail and determine the cost of your tattoo. Your tattoo price will be determined by many factors including placement, detail, saturation, and customization.

Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are preferred. Walk-in tattoos are generally pre-set or ready-to-go designs that do not require any additional drawing time, and most walk-ins are completed in 2 hours or less. We prioritize appointments, but walk-ins are available when our artists have remaining time.

If your design requires drawing or customization on our part, you will need to schedule a 15-30 minute consultation to meet with the artist, prior to making a tattoo appointment. At the consultation, you will discuss your design with an artist of your choice. It’s a good idea to check out our artist’s portfolios online or in the store to select who you’d like to work with before calling to make a consultation appointment. During the consultation, you will discuss placement, size, pricing, and any other details. The artist will provide you with available appointment times and you can then pay your deposit and book your appointment. At the discretion of the artist, we sometimes schedule a secondary consultation, known as an “art check,” to review your design before your appointment. We ask you to bring references to your consultation appointment. References are visual cues which allow your artist to realize your vision. If you have original artwork or a 3D object to work from, please bring it and we can photocopy or photograph it. If you have found references online, please bring them printed on paper to your consultation. This way, your artist can make notes and retain the images for use during the creation of your design. When image searching for references online, we recommend avoiding pictures of other people’s tattoos. Simply bring drawings, photos, or other art for us to work with, as we can turn anything into a tattoo design!

Your tattoo will take a minimum of 4 weeks to fully heal. It may look or feel healed before then, but your body requires 4 weeks to produce a new layer of skin. Most of the required aftercare happens during this time, while long-term care is mostly limited to protecting your tattoo with sunblock. If you are having any healing issues, please contact us immediately for assistance.

Cash is always welcome and preferred. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, as well as Downtown Business Association gift cards.

We offer piercings and tattoos for clients age 16 and up, with parental consent, or 18 and up without parental consent. We require the parent or legal guardian to be present with the minor. We also require government issued identification for both the parent and minor, with matching last names or addresses on the IDs. If a legal guardian is signing, we require court paperwork proving guardianship.

We only accept valid, government-issued photo identification. This includes DMV issued driver’s licenses, permits, or identification cards such as military ID or passports. ID’s CANNOT be expired. We can only accept a birth certificate for ID if it is accompanied by some sort of photo ID, as well as another form of government ID, such as a Social Security card.

Millennium® Gallery is a traditional tattoo and piercing studio. We offer most commonly done types of tattoos and piercings, including genital piercings.

  • We DO NOT offer any sort of “extreme” body modification, including tongue splitting, branding, scarification, or dermal punching.
  • We DO NOT offer any glow-in-the-dark or UV reactive tattoo inks.
  • We DO NOT offer any gang-related or racist themed tattooing.

All of our limitations are based on safety and practicality, as well as our insurance policy. Some of our artists may choose not to provide certain types of tattooing, this is left up to their discretion, while other artists may choose to charge a premium for these services. Please inquire in the studio about any hand or finger tattoos, white ink tattoos, face or neck tattoos, genital tattoos, straight edge tattoos, lover’s names, or inner lip tattooing.

All jewelry used in initial piercings at Millennium® is made from implant grade, biocompatible 316LVM surgical stainless steel, titanium, niobium, or 14K gold. We work with well-established manufacturers to ensure the finest quality and safest materials. Other materials are available for healed piercings, such as acrylic, wood, stone, horn, and bone. Individual allergies, sensitivities, and shorter wearing times can be a factor with these materials.

We do not perform any initial piercings with outside jewelry. This is because we must be able to determine the quality and condition of the jewelry, as well as sterility. All jewelry used at Millennium® is sterilized in-house. We offer change outs on healed piercings, and can sometimes insert outside jewelry for you. It is up to the piercer to determine quality and safety of outside jewelry before inserting. We will NOT insert ANY jewelry from Claire’s, Hot Topic, Spencer’s, or Wal-Mart.